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Re: [TCML] Primary Support Materials

Hi Matt,
That sounds like an excellent idea! I just might have to try that out for myself, thanks!

On Aug 23, 2010, at 5:28 PM, mddeming@xxxxxxx wrote:

> Hi Brandon,
> I have had good luck using HDPE board drilled, tapped, and attached from underneath the platform with nylon screws insread of glue. Just be sure to use a manual screwdriver to you don't overtighten the screws as they will either strip out or the heads will break off if power driven.
> Matt D.
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> Ok,
> o we know to definitely NOT use PVC in this application since it's apparently 
> rone to carbon tracing, and the best options I've heard are the typical HDPE, 
> nd polycarbonate.
> ow, I've heard that the HDPE is difficult to glue, and a weak bond at that. Is 
> hat right? Polycarbonate should provide a strong bond I would think...
> s far as machinability goes, how does polycarbonate behave under a drill press 
> nd jig-saw/dremel? I know HDPE is messy, but I find it moderately easy to work 
> ith.
> astly, there's price. As far as I'm concerned, that's just a matter of whether 
> t's worth it or not.
> hat do you say guys (and gal(s))?
> DPE or polycarbonate?
> hanks a lot,
> randon
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