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Re: [TCML] Primary Support Materials

Hi Brandon,

I've had little luck gluing UHMW or HDPE, even with various types and grades of epoxy. I've been able to tap both, and drill both with no problem. I've used both brass and nylon screws which all hold well, as long as you don't over tighten, as you can imagine. Machining - as in turning on a lathe, has been more difficult. I've yet to find the tool/speed combination that gives me a clean cut.

I do not have that problem with PVC, which I can glue and machine on my lathe to my heart's content. Moderately slow speed any nearly any lathe tool I want to use works well with PVC. I have also had success machining polycarbonate.

Both PVC and polycarbonate respond well to glues. Though, polycarbonate wants to be glued with acrylic cement, which bonds it so completely there is no longer two disparate pieces of material. I have not had as much luck with epoxy and polycarbonate, though the last time I tried I think I got the mixture between components screwed up, so the epoxy didn't harden correctly on the polycarbonate.

PVC glues well with epoxy. I've used 5 minute epoxy to glue PVC caps into all my secondaries.



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