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Re: [TCML] Primary Support Materials

Hi Brandon,

I have had good luck using HDPE board drilled, tapped, and attached from underneath the platform with nylon screws insread of glue. Just be sure to use a manual screwdriver to you don't overtighten the screws as they will either strip out or the heads will break off if power driven.

Matt D.

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o we know to definitely NOT use PVC in this application since it's apparently 
rone to carbon tracing, and the best options I've heard are the typical HDPE, 
nd polycarbonate.
ow, I've heard that the HDPE is difficult to glue, and a weak bond at that. Is 
hat right? Polycarbonate should provide a strong bond I would think...
s far as machinability goes, how does polycarbonate behave under a drill press 
nd jig-saw/dremel? I know HDPE is messy, but I find it moderately easy to work 
astly, there's price. As far as I'm concerned, that's just a matter of whether 
t's worth it or not.
hat do you say guys (and gal(s))?
DPE or polycarbonate?
hanks a lot,
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