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RE: [TCML] Soldering SISG heat sinks

Thanks guys...  Much appreciate the benefit of your experience!  

Will epoxy them for mechanical stability and hopefully complete the
conversion over to SISG in time for first light tonight....;- ) 

Have a great Halloween!

Best Regards,
Bob Johnson

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>am having an awful time trying to solder the heat  sinks to the
Is there a trick
>to this besides getting  some huge wattage soldering iron? 

    I'm sure you had read the TCML before embarking on  this project,
but as 
a reminder here's my post from February::
 Here's my SISG tips:

1. "Maxclips" for mounting the IGBTs work  fine. I mounted the heatsinks
the board, then put compound on the  IGBTs and heatsinks, then dropped
into place on the board, then  screwed on the clip, then went back and 
soldered  the IGBTs in. I  figured this way, everything was in a happy 
position  before it  got soldered solid. 


4. I put everything  together with a 140W soldering gun. I never
the "use a  low-wattage iron with heat-sensitive components" theory. I
luck  blasting it quickly, before the heat has time to spread up the

-Phil LaBudde

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