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Re: [TCML] 100kVA trannies as salvage?

Hey David....

Im supposing that your plans with the EI core material is to make an inductor....? If so, if you use the flashing, what plans do you have to insulate the turns/winds/wraps from each other? How thick is the center core of the EI assembly ( sqr. inches wise)? A rough amps per sqr. inch of core material is about 5A per sqr inch. So ... about 14 sqr inches of core should be heafty enuf to prevent saturation at 70 or so amps. When winding an inductor/transformer, one also needs to consider the number of windings needed to keep the turn to turn voltage at the required level. On average, it seems to be about 1-2 volts per turn. Not sure what it is for flat plate style... as in flashing usage. If you use the flashing of .012 with an insulator of .01 at 200 winds, that equates to about 4.5" of window width ( not height), is your EI core wide enuf between the center core and outer cores?

Anyway as far as current capacity, .014 X 4" =.056 sqr inches and if my math was correct, thats about equal to a #2 - 3 wire. For 70ish amps, I believe a # 6 or 8 copper solid core wire with THHN insulation would be sufficeint. Using wire instead of flashing would reduce the required widow width by almost half...

Scot D

david baehr wrote:


       I have a  10kva pig that Id like to push 'up to' 70+ amps

 i now use a short peice of electric dryer element ( approx 3-3.5 ohms ) in a 5 gal bucket of water, it doesnt take long for the water to boil !!

         I have a bunch of transformer ' E ' & 'I' laminations . The winding window is close to 6" tall, so i thought of using 4" wide flashing. It comes in .012" - .014" thick ??? .....not sure how much current  4" / .012"  aluminum could handle ?

             Thanks!! ,dave B

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