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[TCML] Transformer for sale

Hey guys since I have no use for that transformer that I can't unpot I decided to sell it.  I am not sure if it is usable for solidstate TCs or Tube TCs but whatever.
A used surplus web site was selling a used one with the same ratings for 270$, But I think that is too much, so if you want it we will talk about what is fair.  you pay shipping.

E-mail me off list @ jhowson4@xxxxxxxxxxx

It is a step down transformer 

120v to 16v
240v to 32v

Here are the data sheets from the manufacture

and a picture

I tested it up to 60v and in the 120v configuration. Got 8.5v out so at 120v it should be around 16v I Only went to 60 since I am guessing that it can draw many amps and I don't want to blow the circuit breaker in my dorm... again...
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