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Re: [TCML] Little white balls within streamers 90degree mirror

One can look at sparks from 2 directions with 90 degree mirrors to see the different views
and the full topic is here:

This does show that pointy bits and bright spots are just an artefact of the frame of view and seeing a spark end on.


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Replying to my own post. In that photo, there are 2 other streamers which attached to the Seibt coils brass wires. In those "other" two streamers, note the bright spots and the tight "pointy like" curve of the spark where they occur (it's the same in both streamers). Seems at each bright spot, the curve of the streamer takes on a rather pointy geometry from the camera angle (as though it delayed for just a fraction of time to spiral and continue on, allowing the camera to fill in more light in that area)......
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