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Re: [TCML] Re: Tesla Digest, Vol 12, Issue 37

Hi Jerry,

Yes, the calculators can be confusing if you don't understand the inputs well enough. I went ahead and put your data as is inside Javatc. Looks like 480 kHz with the toroid. When sizing the cap with an NST, choose the cap size for the gap type you decide to run. For a Static using the 15/30 NST, about .008uF, but I would suggest a .0075uF (7.5nF). For an SRSG, about .0138uF. I would recommend getting started with the static gap first. You seem to have most items except the caps. For the caps, I recommend 1 string of 20 (MMC) using the .15uF 2000V CD caps which I'm sure you are aware of (if not ask). This combination is good for .0075uF at 40kV (build a fan to blow "inside" and "outside" the tubes). For the static gap, 6 of the 1" copper tubes spaced at 54 mils between each for a total gap width of 0.27". For the primary, a flat tube primary with an ID of 6" and OD of 14" using 1/4" tubing spaced 1/4" apart edge to edge (pitch of 0.5"). This will give 8 turns total. You will need to tap it at about the 7th turn. Do that and the coil will be sparking. But, the toroid radius of curvature is a little large, so a breakout point is probably needed.

The gap with this setup will be firing 113 bps (calc), but actually higher in reality (all of which is great). 25" spark lengths would be great, but you will probably end up a little less than this at about 20" at first with 120V to the NST.

Take care,

PS. I'll send you my Javatc data to your email so that you can see the inputs I used.

Jerry Boman wrote:
Subject: Newby drowning with information overload & making first post.
...... Any help appreciated in advance. Thanks, Jerry (mdg11fbf@xxxxxxxxx)
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