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Re: [TCML] Re: Tesla Digest, Vol 12, Issue 37

Jerry Boman wrote:
Subject: Newby drowning with information overload & making first post.
Hi all, I decided to try my hand at a TC about 1.5 years ago & began to
educate myself on the art of coiling. I joined this list a few months back
in hopes to gain a clearer understanding of how to do what I am trying to
do...build a TC but in the process I'm finding myself more and more
brainblocked as the days and months go by.......

From my coil building experience, let me offer the following rules of thumb that have worked well for me. Match your capacitor to the transformer, in your case, a .008uf is the best match for the 15/30
Use CD 942 series .15uf  2000 volt capacitors (18 of them in series)
Wind a 4" x 18"  to 20" long coil with 1200 turns of magnet wire
Wind a flat spiral primary with 20 turns of 8gauge bare copper wire.
Use a 12" to 13" toroid. Use a single spark gap with a fan on it. Keep your gap adjusted to no more than 7/32" Flat surfaced gaps are a must, do not use balls or curved spark gap electrodes.

I used the same arrangement with a 10" stainless gazing ball and had sparks in the 24" to 28" range. Using a toroid, the sparks developed closer to 36".
If you follow this template, you should see some decent performance.

Good luck,
Dave Goodfellow

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