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RE: [TCML] Mot Ganging VTTC


Removing the shunts will decrease the impedance and thus lower the voltage
at saturation, but give you higher current at a given voltage.  Not really
what you want.

I think you are planning to parallel the primaries and series the
secondaries.  That is the conventional approach, but you mention 240 V
primary.  Unless you have secured 240V MOT's then you want to use 120V (~90
V saturation) on the primary.  The parallel primaries does not change the
voltage rating of the original MOT primary.  Since you are using (4) MOT's
you will likely center tap (to ground) the secondary circuit between the
center (2) MOT's.  If you try to ground one end of the secondary circuit you
will see nearly 8 KV at the other end of the secondary circuit and this will
arc from the HV MOT secondary to the primary (possibly can be avoided if you
submerge your MOT's in oil).

To answer your original question, this set-up of the MOT's does not change
the saturation.  The saturation point is specific to a particular MOT and I
have seen the saturation point as high as 108 volts.  Unfortunately, this is
usually associated with the smaller MOT's (from low power ovens) and likely
not the ones you have.


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>Hello List,

>I have (4) identical MOTs. Much has been said about how they saturate at 90
>volts or so. I am still gathering parts for a (4)  833a tube coil (long

>Will saturation still occur if I series two each, isolate the cores, and
>parallel two sets do you suppose (240v primary)? That's a fair amount of
>core. Furthermore, I plan to FW rectify the output. I have a 4500v 3 phase
>plate transformer, but that would require running my generator. What is the
>effect of removing the shunts? Does this help or make saturation worse?

>The tubes won't pull more than the coil is designed to draw; but, I would
>like clean power in so that it can be modulated.


>Jim Mora


Have a great Halloween where celebrated. I am setting up a Frankie in the
front yard with a 4" coil ;-) What are the rest of you up to?

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