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[TCML] Mot Ganging VTTC

Hello List,


I have (4) identical MOTs. Much has been said about how they saturate at 90
volts or so. I am still gathering parts for a (4)  833a tube coil (long term


Will saturation still occur if I series two each, isolate the cores, and
parallel two sets do you suppose (240v primary)? That's a fair amount of
core. Furthermore, I plan to FW rectify the output. I have a 4500v 3 phase
plate transformer, but that would require running my generator. What is the
effect of removing the shunts? Does this help or make saturation worse?


The tubes won't pull more than the coil is designed to draw; but, I would
like clean power in so that it can be modulated.



Jim Mora


Have a great Halloween where celebrated. I am setting up a Frankie in the
front yard with a 4" coil ;-) What are the rest of you up to?

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