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[TCML] kVA Effects Argon Cannon on TV

Dear TCML,

This is the most important and far reaching project we have announced in our twelve year history. Please tell your friends about our show on Sunday. The general public has NEVER SEEN what we accomplished last year and now that the delays are over and the DOD approvals granted. you will see our kVA Effects Argon Cannon DEATH RAY on TV!!!

Jeff W. Parisse

For Immediate Release

"kVA Effects demonstrates electron beam weapon on Science Channel"

October 20, 2008

Hollywood California

On Sunday, October 26th, the first civilian electron beam weapon will be demonstrated on the premiere episode of "SciFi Science", the newest show on the Science Channel.

Produced by Luke Ellis and the creative team at Workaholic Productions, Sci Fi Science pits scientists, engineers and particle physicists against the most bizarre tabloid accounts of the supernatural to learn the real science behind the crazy headlines. Sci Fi Science presents the real science behind unreal stories.

On the show, the "Argon Cannon", designed and built by kVA Effects, shoots coherent beams of high voltage energy to targets setup inside a Hollywood soundstage. The opening segment follows the team as they attempt to create a version of the particle beam weapon invented by Nikola Tesla and dubbed the "Death Ray".

Jeff Parisse, co-founder and director of kVA Effects insists that his company's goals are firmly rooted in entertainment, "We invented the Argon Cannon for the theme park industry", he says. "We knew we had something fantastic so we turned up the voltage for Sci Fi Science". Parisse continues, "We intend to aim the cannon at unsuspecting rollercoaster riders for the thrill and leave military matters to the millitary".

kVA Effects is located in Torrance California. Visit www.teslacoil.com for more information on high voltage special effects for TV, Film and Theater. Check your local listings or http://science.discovery.com/tv-schedules/daily.html?date=20081026.300 for show times.



Contact kVA Effects at:
+1 310-748-5893

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