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Re: [TCML] kVA Effects Argon Cannon on TV

Hey Jeff,

Coilers seems to be getting some good air time these days. I just watched Bill Beaty on the History channel last week regarding the infamous dust bowl and it's causes (man made no less). This was a very informative documentary about "Black Sunday". I think the History Channels named the episode "Black Blizzard".

Now I get to see an upcoming episode with KVA's particle beam weapon! Very cool! I'll be watching.

Take care,

Jeff W. Parisse wrote:
Dear TCML,

This is the most important and far reaching project we have announced in our twelve year history. Please tell your friends about our show on Sunday. The general public has NEVER SEEN what we accomplished last year and now that the delays are over and the DOD approvals granted. you will see our kVA Effects Argon Cannon DEATH RAY on TV!!!

Jeff W. Parisse
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