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RE: [TCML] BIGPIG secondary dies...but may be resurected

How much wire would you need if you used 19.5ga?  I think I have a 46lb. spool of it from a group ebay buy around 2002.  That is much closer to 18ga than 20-22...

Nick A

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> Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2008 15:24:48 -0500
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> Subject: [TCML] BIGPIG secondary dies...but may be resurected
> Hey All...
> Back again... anyway I went out back into the shop and tried to remove 
> some of the damaged coating around the burn site. Luckily the tube wasnt 
> damaged, but there was about a 3" strip going upwards of the original 
> arc point that got scorched ( coating only). Since the coating had 
> hardened, removing it was all a matter of tapping the coating with a 
> rubber mallet and then using an air gun at 120 psi to remove rather 
> large chunks of coating from the wire. On average I would say the pieces 
> were about half the size of a playing card and in some cases the pieces 
> were 2X the size of a card. Ended up removing 90% of the coating in 
> about an hour. ( secondary is 12.5" dia X 55" wound length.  In general, 
> the wire looks to be in great condition ( except for about 5 turns where 
> the insulation was damaged). Guess I'll just do a splice job there.
> Maybe someone out here knows the answers to my next questions....  
> What would be the effect of winding a coil with say 18 ga for 3/4 length 
> of tube and then finishing it off with 22 or 24 ga on the last 1/4 
> length?? Since the current is less towards the top of the coil, the 
> thinner wire "should" be able to handle it.  And how would I calculate L 
> for the secondary if this is to be wound in this manner? ( calc each as 
> individual L's and then add inductance for a total??)
> Scot D
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