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[TCML] BIGPIG secondary dies...

Hey All...

Finally after 9 or so years of service, the BIGPIG secondary died, and I must say impressively at that. There was an arc that formed between windings near an older repair job which caused " a small fire" ;) seems the Behr 50 coating is flamable to some degree!

Anyway I was considering a rebuild of the coil and began playing around with JavaTC and I was getting some conflicting info compared to WinTesla outputs. Javatc states a 6.7 turn primary as compared to 13.7 in Wintesla all parameters being the same for all hardware involved. ( and considering that the BIGPIG was tuned to 13.5 turns and worked well ). Why the difference between the 2 programs on tuning point?

And for last... is there some very definative info on JavaTC terminology so I can figure out what is meant in the output fields of the primary and secondary calculated sheets??

Scot D

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