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Re: [TCML] SISG First Light

I paid $7.48 each for them :D But those days are gone now... I buy about $5k from IR "direct" now for the new hobby... Lets see what 1000 of the IRGPS60B120KD run ol' Terry these days...

The leaded and unleaded version are both active and in production....

IRGPS60B120KD $7.99

IRGPS60B120KDP 8.00

But they have zero of the leaded parts... So IRGPS60B120KDP is the only reasonable option...

Let's try QTY 100...

Their cost server chokes this Sunday night, as usual... But I would guess in the $10 to $12 dollar range...


Mark R Dunn wrote:

As I am sure you are aware the original IGBT that Terry picked was

They are currently available at:
Min qty 25 at $14.08 ea

Allied Elec
Min qty 50 at $13.54 ea

Newark has them also, but the price is over $20.

It is my understanding that Allied will discount if a teacher or professor
is ordering them for use in a school project. One of our fellow coilers
purchased some that way for about $10 recently.

The original orders that I placed were before the ROHS version came into
production. I want say I placed that first order in May of 2006 and another
over the summer of 2006. You may recall that ROHS became mandatory in the
EU in July/Aug of 2006. The prices for the non-ROHS components remained
around $9 to $10 (I think I paid ~$9.50 in bulk at the time) until the
inventory exhausted that fall. The ROHS version (it has a P at then end of
the part#) was pricey from the start and has never come down to the $10
level. I always thought it would once the manufacturing was ramped up but
for some reason they have not come down. I have hesitated to buy and stock
them at $14/ea because I was afraid that no one would buy them from me at
that price and when the price fell, I'd be stuck.

Terry has managed to supply them for $10 even as recently as a couple of
months ago, but I know he indicated that his supply is now exhausted as


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