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RE: [TCML] SISG First Light


As I am sure you are aware the original IGBT that Terry picked was

They are currently available at:
Min qty 25 at $14.08 ea

Allied Elec 
Min qty 50 at $13.54 ea

Newark has them also, but the price is over $20.

It is my understanding that Allied will discount if a teacher or professor
is ordering them for use in a school project.  One of our fellow coilers
purchased some that way for about $10 recently.

The original orders that I placed were before the ROHS version came into
production.  I want say I placed that first order in May of 2006 and another
over the summer of 2006.  You may recall that ROHS became mandatory in the
EU in July/Aug of 2006.  The prices for the non-ROHS components remained
around $9 to $10 (I think I paid ~$9.50 in bulk at the time) until the
inventory exhausted that fall.  The ROHS version (it has a P at then end of
the part#) was pricey from the start and has never come down to the $10
level.  I always thought it would once the manufacturing was ramped up but
for some reason they have not come down.  I have hesitated to buy and stock
them at $14/ea because I was afraid that no one would buy them from me at
that price and when the price fell, I'd be stuck.

Terry has managed to supply them for $10 even as recently as a couple of
months ago, but I know he indicated that his supply is now exhausted as


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