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Re: [TCML] SISG First Light

Hi Miles,

I found the problem and she's working fine now. The variac ballast was ok also. I do need to replace the brushes however. Running the coil this morning, I realized the radiated field was lighting up all the lights, and then "duh" struck me. I was simply not breaking out. Through a 1 meter ruler on top of the 9" x30" toroid and then it broke out fine. Coupling is pretty low and I haven't tuned yet. So today I'll make some resonant measurements and dial in the coil. I may insert the 6th SISG board also just to get the voltage up a bit.

Take care,

miles waldron wrote:
The first time I ran a SISG coil I did something similar. My variac started
to whale smoke almost immediately. I think when the voltage is too high, the
SISG board just conducts, and eats as much power as the ballast will let
through. Mine is wired as you have described, with the SISG in parallel with
the power source. All I had to do was drop the voltage and all returned to
proper behavior. No damage was incurred to the SISG boards.

Miles Waldron

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