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Re: [TCML] Tube coils structure

There's absolutely nothing wrong with paralleled power tubes and in "the early days of wireless" it was common practice to parallel plenty of them, in one extreme example about 500 as I recall. However, you have to be careful to avoid parasitic VHF oscillations. I agree about "all the eggs in one basket" and would never think of having a single [or even two] tubes at the start of an experiment. Stuff happens even if you're careful although tubes are far more rugged than solid state devices, which expire without a sound. I think 4 833A's in PP parallel would be a very good design.


Jim Mora wrote:

Hi All,

It has been recently stated that one serious transmitter tube is better than
multiple lesser tubes say (4) 833a's. I can see the benefits but then again
all eggs are in one basket. Has anyone built a push pull quad 833a coil? The
plate transformer becomes an issue; but, a 5+kv pig should easily do. What
say you? Should I look for a mongo transmitter triode (which I thought a
833a was). I have 40 amps worth of 10volt filament transformers.

This is down the line for me, though I'm curious what the collective list


Jim Mora

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