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Re: [TCML] Frequency inverter questions

Hi Matt,

My 3-ph inverter is kept inside my control cabinet which is like 18g steel and grounded. The cable from inverter to motor is shielded. I have never experienced a problem with the coil causing inverter problems with this setup. It's probably a good idea to cage the inverter and try to prevent near field issues at the least. Maybe not absolutely necessary, but I haven't tried it without shielding.

Take care,

Tesla wrote:
Hi all.

I have aquired a couple of frequency inverters to drive the motors of my rotary spark gaps. Is there any special arrangement I have to keep in mind when using them so I don't destroy the
inverters? Any other hints, tips and tricks are greatly appreciated .
I'm thinking mainly of the generated EM-fields from the coils.
Thought I ask before I put them into use as they aren't exactly cheap.

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