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Re: [TCML] New Tesla Coil

Yep, again, 0.5mm.

Remember Gareth, this is a "minimum" coil size recommendation for the MOT's, not necessarily the "best performing" size. When it comes to performance, we usually think of the longest spark for the least amount of power. Efficient transformers are part of that aspect and MOT's do get hot and thus some of the power is converted to heat. But yes, MOT's can put out a lot of power and thus you can use that power to generate long sparks. But power and long sparks is not efficiency (just power and long sparks).

Use John Freau's formula for spark length = 1.7 x sqrt(input watts). If you now your expected power from the MOT stack, you can then determine a spark length. There should be an efficiency factor tagged to the end of this equation which differs a little for each coil (it's components, size, etc..). That can be difficult to determine ahead of time. But overall, most coils follow this equation. Given a "spark length" value, you can then "size the coil" for the spark length. This is the way to begin a design if you already have your power supply. Keep it practical (also important). If you build a coil so big that you have to assemble it outdoors just to run it, then you will rarely run the coil.

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kingsandangels@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
.05mm or .5mm bare?Ill build one this size with 685mm tall I might as well build a proper Tesla Coil in England(Shortly) cuz this wire company here sux and they invoice me without confirming sizes.You guys know the exact coil size for best performance,you guys are good!Ill keep those specs handy because I think MOTs would give more power than most transformers for a tank circuit if they work like they supposed to.Thanks, Gareth
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