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Re: [TCML] Looking for a nive plate transformer

Hey Gareth...

sounds like you have 2 of the mots out of phase with the other 2. AC transformers do have a "polarity" in a sence, especially when paralleling... Im also prone to feel that in series configuration, the phasing is also a factor to consider.

As far as instantly melting wires... no but it will produce enuf heat to make oil bubble since it is immersed in oil.

Check your wiring on the MOTs make sure that you have the primarys all wired the same ( parallel) and the secondaries are linked together properly for series hookup.

Scot D

kingsandangels@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

I currently have 4 mots wired for 8kv and it looks like Im getting 4KV out of it and they are not current limited and they get hot really fast. Is it normal to do that?There is also alot of boiling and popping in the oil.Is this what all the fuss is about or does anyone think there is something wrong like it should instantly melt wires or something? Thank Gareth

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Hi Greg, all,

MOTs are great when used for their intended purpose - to
drive the magnetron of a microwave oven. However, I would
have to agree with Phillip when it comes to their suitability as
power transformers for VTTCs. They are indeed built with
"just barely enough to get by" as far as core mass and cross
section vs. their VA or kVA rating. Think about it, a plate
transformer that had an equivalent ~2 kV @ 1 amp rating
to an MOT would likely be 4 to 5 times heavier that the


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