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Re: [TCML] clamp on amp meter, digital or analog ?

>     For measuring line current the analog meters are the only way to go
> as they read true RMS current
     Respectfully: that depends.
     depends on type of analog meter (movement style, calibration)
     whether waveform is sinusoidal or not (some analog (and digital)
     meters get goophy if fed non sinusoids.  Lots of nonsinusoids
     in TC measurements.

> and are unaffected by any RF garbage.
     Generally concur...

on a related comment, roughly:
>>   ...DVMs read voltages in the air due to magnetic fields...
     Or, more commonly, due to electric fields.  Analog meters
     will do likewise, tho analog are less 'sensitive' (lower
     input impedance, in tech speak.

     Illustrative experiment:
     Need either, or both types meter.
     TV (or PC Monitor) with CRT display.
     With CRT 'on and running'
     'ground' one meter lead.
     bring other 'near' the face of the tube.
     Observe indicated voltage due to stray field...


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