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Re: [TCML] clamp on amp meter, digital or analog ?

Hey David...

I personally prefer the analog amp meters. Digital units seem to pick up stray signals too easily. Since you seem to be aiming for higher amp readings, the analog would be the way to go. Microamp measuring would be best with a digital unit.

Scot D

david baehr wrote:

Im needing a new clamp- on meter to measure power line amps to my coil and also a large J Ladder.

A 'cheap' Harbor Freight may do, but, ive used digital meters before,..they would show voltage/etc where there was none. (picking up the magnetic feild i guess ??).

It may be best to stay with an analog type??, my ol' one seemed to work ok....(but i broke it ) just wonderin' , thanks,dave"

For measuring line current the analog meters are the only way to go as they read true RMS current and are unaffected by any RF garbage. Any "digital" meter is subject to all sorts of problems and can't be relied upon. In my experience my Kill a Watt doesn't read correct line current even for my smallest coil.


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