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Re: [TCML] Secondary and Primary Assistance

Dr. Res,
I wanted to jump in on this one and ask; do you do anything re: the printing on the outside of the tube? I've heard people mention sanding off, peeling off or whatever, the outside layer because of the black ink before sealing. Have you had any problems with that or do you just coat right over it? Thanks!


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A Sonotube (concrete form) works great for small and medium size coils.  I
have used it for up to 18 inch dia. secondaries.  Inexpensively available
from large contractor supply firms.

You just peel off the upper layer on the inside of the coil which contains
the slightly conductive release agent.  Then coat with 3 separate coats of
AC-43, both inside and outside.

After that insert two acrylic baffles approx 4-6 inches up from each end.
Prevents any interior flashover.  Affix in place with GE Silicone II.

Dr. Resonance

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