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Re: [TCML] Secondary and Primary Assistance

Dolph's AC-43 is the best you can use.  It is especially formulated to use
in power transformer winding and has a high punture voltage.  Also excellent
anti-tracking properties which is good engineering practice for HV coils
operating at RF frequencies.  It is also excellent for sealing out any

I usually gently heat the windings for 3 hrs with 3 heat lamps, and then
apply the varnish while the coil is still warm.  The gentle heat drives out
any moisture prior to winding.  Use a thermometer to set temp approx 150
degrees F. for 2-3 hrs.  Another good idea is to preheat the coilform for 30
minutes just prior to winding --- drives out a moisture.

I carry it in 5 gallon cans and can usually spare a quart if you need some.
Contact me off-list.

Dr. Resonance

On 3/19/08, Mike H <mike8675309@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Bart,
> On the question of the coating that you discussed, Is there an
> electrical, or other performance behavior that has you preferring
> marine varnish?  Or is it just a question of for the application, you
> want to make sure you coat things fully, and thus based on price, the
> marine varnish simply makes more sense with little to no downside?
> Thanks
> Mike
> >  Considering our outer layer "coatings" (and I personally don't like
> >  polyurethanes but prefer marine spar varnish which to me is the best
> >  coating for the price), the coating itself protects outside issues that
> >  can cause turn to turn shorts, but the turn to turn voltage issue is
> >  dependent on the wire insulation. I've never heard mention a problem
> >  with that.
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