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Re: [TCML] Secondary and Primary Assistance


Thanks for the info.  I think I probably have it backwards.

Inside diameter of where the primary starts is around 14"  (remember,
I'll be changing this)
Outside diameter of the primary is around 23".

These are estimates as the secondary is kinda stuck in the middle
making such measurements estimates.

I'm getting excited to start work on the revisions and appreciate all
input.  First step is to find the magnet wire.  I know a electric shop
in town (mpls/st.paul Minnesota area) that I should be able to get the
wire from.  And if I recall, yes it was somewhere between turn 9 and
10 where I settled on a decent load.

In the video where the final testing was done, the garage door is
closed (it's raining outside) with a solid copper ground rod jammed
into the ground outside the garage about 4 feet.  A braided steel wire
(it was an exterior shield taken off a spool of old twinaxial cable)
cable attached the rod to the rf ground for the unit.  This was also
wrapped around a steel pole leaning against the garage door. That pole
was a good 36-46" away.  The florescent tube was about 30" away.  When
I added the nail duct taped to the top load, it was shooting off to a
engine stand, about 30" away.    Note that in the section with the
light on, I finally moved the coil further towards the left as once
tuning was getting it more powerful, it was striking the car sitting
there. (the car had no fuel tank in it, no engine, and is being

Mike H

On Sun, Mar 16, 2008 at 9:46 PM, bartb <bartb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Mike,
>  The primary outer diameter is 14.25"? That doesn't sound or look right.
>  Did you measure one side at a time and forget to account for the
>  secondary diameter? Seems it should be 17.75" which has an average turns
>  spacing of 0.22" (edge to edge).
>  Looks to me like the secondary is using 24awg and about 710 turns with
>  3.5" x 16" dimensions.
>  With the 0.009uF cap, I assumed it tuned in at about turn 10?
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