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Re: [TCML] Secondary and Primary Assistance

Thanks for the image.  I hope spring is good as well.  Just got 5" of
snow over the last two days... oh well, it'll melt.  You'd be quite
surprised at the changes in those cities you mentioned in just 8
years.  Take a look at http://maps.google.com and use the streetview
to visit your old stomping grounds.  Most of the images, are within
the last 2 years and they have fairly good coverage of our area.

Dr. Resonance mentioned the following, which I believe I'll use as a
starting point based off the NST that I have to work with currently:

>Use a height/dia ratio for the sec coil of 4 or 4.5:1.  Use the largest dia
>sec you can as the potential is Vsec = -L x dI/dt.  In short, keep the
>inductance of the sec large.  Even with small NSTs a 6-8 inch coilform dia
>gives excellent performance.  Most experimenters prefer around 1,000 to
>1,200 turns for optimum performance.  Example, if you use a 6" ID PVC tube
>with 6 3/8" OD, then with a 4.5:1 H/D ratio, this gives you a winding length
>of approx 29 inches.  Divide this by 1,000 turns which provides a wire dia.
>of .029 inches.  Use a "double build" enamel magnet wire such as
>Polythermalize (Beldon).  Closest one for this example would be # 21 AWG.
>You could also use 22 AWG.

With that secondary design, I should then be able to optimize my
primary to match it.  With the Primary design finalized I can then
determine the physical dimensions for the base I'll be setting it on.

On Mon, Mar 17, 2008 at 8:44 PM, bartb <bartb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Ok Mike, I thought I read the primary was 5.5" inner diameter. Anyway,
>  no problems really. Your coil seems to work as it should for the power.
>  Re-applying coating to fix the damage isn't out of the question. A new
>  coil isn't going to change a whole lot as far as sparks are concerned.
>  For primary dimensions, this is how I do it. Seems a simple thing but
>  oddly it's not.
>  http://www.classictesla.com/java/script/primeas.gif
>  Hope MN has a nice spring this year. I lived there 10 years and returned
>  to CA 8 years ago. Lakeville, Prior Lake, Elko, and Hopkins were my
>  residences while in the cold country (working in Eagan and Minnetonka).
>  I love MN! I'm a die hard Purple People Eater!
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