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Re: [TCML] Secondary and Primary Assistance

Hi Matt

Thanks for the questions.  I'm going to work the direction mentioned
by Dr. Resonance to build a new secondary and primary.  I believe with
that I'll also be building a new top load. That will help get me more
into the actual construction and design of this rather than just a
parts assembler.

One note I thought of recently, thus far I had just plugged the NST
through a EMI filter into a 120v plug.  No variac involved.  I get the
feeling I should be picking one of those up. In getting one, is there
a rating I should be looking for?  Or is it gonna be good as long as
it is a 120v variac?

Caps are 2000Vdc .15mfd +_10%.  Part number is 942C20P15K.  When I
purchased the assembly, the guy selling it said they were one of the
more expensive pieces.  Each of them has bleed resistors tied to the

Primary is 5.5" inside diameter, 14.25 outside diameter 1/4" tubing
with 1/4" spacing on the turns.  Give or take.

46 - 48 windings within one inch on the secondary.  This is a link to
a closeup picture with a tape measure.

The Toroid shown in the video was using 4" aluminum dryer duct with an
outside diameter of 23".  It wasn't ideal as the mdf inside shifted
when I was taping it up with the aluminum tape such that the bottom
ended up nearly flat with a deep dish on the top.  I've since found
information on the web about better ways to keep that all tight.

>From my reading my gut told me that the current design wasn't ideal,
i.e. the wood with the spark gap.  My goal is to re-construct the base
and redo the filter section to bring the size down a little more
manageable.    I've seen the use of cutting board sections to use in
construction of various structural pieces, so I'll probably use that.
Then I'll also add a more optimal spark gap.  The current setup is
very noisy.


On Sun, Mar 16, 2008 at 12:33 AM,  <Mddeming@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>  Hi Mike,
>  As you may have guessed, there is a lot of critical information missing  from
>  this description.
>  1) Your MMC cap bank appears to be one string of 16 caps. What size, type
>  and voltage rating are they?
>  2) Your primary coil: One needs to know the inner as well as the outer
>  diameter, and the spacing between turns. e.g. If it's 1/4" tubing on 1/2"  centers
>  then the spacing is 1/4".
>  3) Secondary: What is the diameter? Can you take a magnifying glass and
>  count the turns in one inch?
>  4) Spark gap seems to be mounted through a wooden holder. If so, this is
>  bad. Wood can be conductive at high voltages.
>  5) Toroid. OK, it's 4" material, but what diameter? This is a critical
>  dimension.
>  Without this info, meaningful advice is almost impossible.
>  Matt D.
>  In a message dated 3/15/08 8:26:53 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,
>  mike8675309@xxxxxxxxx writes:
>  Video  of the first fire last fall.
>  _http://s8.photobucket.com/albums/a23/tcw_fort/TeslaCoil/?action=view&current=
>  TeslaCoilTests.flv_
>  (http://s8.photobucket.com/albums/a23/tcw_fort/TeslaCoil/?action=view&current=TeslaCoilTests.flv)
>  Transformer  is:
>  Franceformer 12030P
>  120v NST 12000v 30mA, 360VA
>  I am using a  NST filter based on the Terry Filter design:
>  14 MOVS
>  12 CAPS  1.6KvDC
>  2 1kohm 100W resistors
>  Dual Safety Gaps
>  My Spark  Gap
>  Brass Cabinet Knob for Spark Gap - Microwave Fan
>  Primary  Coil
>  1/4 Copper Soft Tube
>  14.25" diameter coil
>  1" spacing from  Secondary
>  13 turns
>  Secondary Coil
>  Unknown turns
>  16" of  turns
>  19" Total Height
>  Top Load
>  Aluminum tape covered toroid made  from MDF and 4" Aluminum  duct
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