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Re: [TCML] strike rails

> Hi everyone,
> Could someone please tell me if strike rails  should be a closed loop, or 
should they
> remain open? I think I've seen  them both ways (but I can't always be sure 
> online photos). Could  you give me the whys/why nots of either setup?
> Thanks,
>  Neal.

Hi Neal,
    Strike rail MUST be open loop or it will waste  power from your system. 
Many people categorize strike rails in with seat belts, safety helmets,  
condoms, and air bags. They're an inconvenience and you can run without one  for 
months or years, right up until that OH S*** day when you should  have used one.
Matt D.
"Has anyone actually encountered that Pair o' Doxies of time travel?"
"Visualize whirled peas."

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