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Re: [TCML] BPS Testing

Hi John,

Yes, it's a static gap. Cap size used will also affect input current. The NST I normally use draws far more current (probably over 25A). I'll check that once I reinstall it in the coil. NST's are self limiting, so if there's anything we do to modify that limit, then certainly we can pump more power to the cap.

On the bps testing, there's another test I want to do with the 15/60 before I throw it back on the workbench. I'll measure input current and bps on two separate analog channels. This will help me see if there is a corresponding change in current with breakdown regarding those quick bangs (one right after the other). That might be a telling test.

Take care,

You're using a static gap not a synch rotary gap right? The static gap
probably can't draw as much power through the NST as a synch rotary  can.
I can't remember what kind of gap I was using when my re-potted 15/60  NST
drew 25 amps.  I also don't remember how much power Gary's 15/60  drew
back when he was using the static gap, but I know the sparks were a  lot
shorter than they are now. John

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