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Re: [TCML] BPS Testing

Hi All,

Today I ran the coil at 140Vac and retested bps.

I also measured input current at both 120Vac and 140Vac while running the coil.

During the 120V measurement, current fluctuated between 12.7A to 13.7A = 13.2A average = 1.58 kva. During the 140V measurement, current fluctuated between 14.6A to 15.8A = 15.2A average = 2.13 kva.

For the BPS Testing, I ran similarly as before, except this time I got rid of the switching power supply and simply installed some 9V battery's on the board to power the light transducer.

The total recording time is 11.3263 seconds. Total breaks were 1176. BPS is then 104. So still pretty low.

Photo of the setup: http://www.classictesla.com/temp/light%20transducer%20board.JPG Photo of the gap: http://www.classictesla.com/temp/spark%20gap%20fiber%20optic.JPG

The sample rate was set to 2500/s, so time divisions are 0.008 seconds.

Here's the various files (windaq, raw csv, filtered bps excel file):

Take care,
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