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Re: [TCML] BPS Testing

Hi All,

Don't like to run too much into one email. The current measurements today were made using a Pearson Current Monitor. It monitored strictly the output to the NST and nothing else (the fan for the gap was on it's own circuit). I first verified calibration by plugging in a hair dryer to the variac. I ran the variac at full scale (who's output is actually 150Vac). The fan recorded 116mV which for the current monitor is 11.6 amps (.01V=1 amp). I then measured current without the Pearson. Multimeter showed 11.6 amps exactly. So the Pearson is exact as it should be. Just thought it would be good to verify before measurement numbers were logged.

So, what you see below is real and includes only the NST current and "not" the gap fan current.

Take care,

bartb wrote:
Hi All,

Today I ran the coil at 140Vac and retested bps.

I also measured input current at both 120Vac and 140Vac while running the coil.

During the 120V measurement, current fluctuated between 12.7A to 13.7A = 13.2A average = 1.58 kva. During the 140V measurement, current fluctuated between 14.6A to 15.8A = 15.2A average = 2.13 kva.
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