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[TCML] Arizona Western Winter Teslathon, posted on Scott Hanson's behalf.

DC -

I can assure you that all the invited guests had a FANTASTIC time at the 
Arizona Winter Teslathon.

Over the last 10 years, I've attended at least six or seven Teslathons in 
California and Arizona, and I think this was the best organized and most 
spectacular. Dr. Hankenstein's new shop/lab facility is absolutely 
magnificant, and was the envy of all present. The progress being made in 
audio modulation of large solid-state Tesla coils is absolutely

Remember that this was organized and advertised as an RSVP event, and all 
who had the courtesy to respond to the RSVP received explicit instructions 
as to where the event was being held. Understand that the RSVP is required 
to have some idea of how many guests would be attending, how much food and 
refreshments will be needed, and to limit riff-raff and "party crashing"
uninvited guests.

Congratulations again to Drs. Spark and Hankenstein for an incredible

Scott Hanson

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