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Re: [TCML] Need a NY based electrical expert.

Hey Dan...

there are plenty of qualified people on the list to build the coil in question within the time frame asked of Zoe!! BUT there is a certian requirement that is stipulated by Zoe and that being the "builder" is qualified as a MD EE. This indicates that there are stipulations as to "ownership" of responceabilitly if something can go wrong. A coil can be built 100% properly with no possible error in application under a safe and controlled operation. BUT given that, the opportunity to operate the coil in an unsupervised manner can result in a condition which can result in harm or death of unqualified person(s) operating or being in the near proximity of said coil can result in the prosecution of the builder of said coil.

That is why very few of us have offered our experience, knowledge, and capabilities.

There are a few members on the list that ARE Commercially capable do assist Zoe but may be lacking the MD EE title ( and out of the financial range). But, once the coil is built, does the responcibilty stop there? Who is now going to be the "owner" of the coil, the operator, or the builder ( think car
builders and car owner accidents?)
So if someone suffers a physical or mental debilitating effect from said coil due to exposure to it, is the results from that exposure a responcibility of the builder or the operator ( since the builder is no longer associated with the operation of it, I'll bet they try to push it on to the builder)?

I have been doing coils for a mere several years, but have the knowledge to produce a unit capable of very impressive capacity. I dont have a MD in EE or even a BS in EE, so that leaves me out of the requirements Zoe needs. I would gladly impose myself to build the coil in question to help her meet her requirements, ( and probably could be 1/2 the cost compared to the output they would pay from the kit with additional parts). I would even suggest that they return the purchase and get the finances returned and "rent" my coil for half the price of the purchse of the unit they bought. BUT I would have to be present during the operation of the coil and be there for any time the coil was energized. Also, I would HAVE to be there to advise anyone within the parameters of the operational range of the coil ( dont need anyone getting hit by streamers).

Looking at this situation, Zoe is looking to have a coil purchased for about 1000$ + building fees, operational education fees and then left alone to have free reign to do as the needs arise not knowing the true hazards that may ensue from improper operation of the coil.

PLUS they are looking for a qualified (MD EE) to fulfill the requirements set forth by the isurance they are dealing with.

This leaves 93 % of the list out of the avalibilty who may wish to be able to help.

in an afterthought...

you have a MD in EE and are willing to do a coil for less than 2K and take on any liabilities of death of mental/physical detriments?
help Zoe fulfill her needs...

Scot D

snipped alot this time...

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