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Re: [TCML] Need a NY based electrical expert.

Oh, it's not like that. It's just that when a "*requirement*" of a Masters is needed, it gets almost humorous. The help that was asked was perfectly reasonable and we understand that. But sometimes analogies help to get the point across. I've known plenty of engineers with their Masters, they do have a lot of knowledge, and they have their moments. But, I've also watched a few try to drill a hole in a piece of metal and it's sometimes a very scary thing to watch. We need those Master degreed people, don't get me wrong. But, you don't want a heart surgeon building your house or a house contractor performing heart surgery. *That's the point*.

Take care,

Daniel Kline wrote:
I don't get you guys:
A person writes the list asking for the use of a Tesla-coil in their local area. For whatever reason, there's no coil in the area, or no one responds, or no one volunteers a coil, so the person asking for help cluelessly buys what's on the market.

Then, the person asks for someone to help put the thing together...
Hmmm...who would likely be the most knowledgeable person to get help from? An EE?? No way! Let's get someone with a Ph.D in 14th Century Florentine funerary urns!

The person's just asking for help. This is the same as a person asking, "Can I use aluminum wire to wind my secondary?" And everyone replying, "Aluminum bites!" or "Yeah, aluminum. Heh. Right". Yay, sarcasm. *Not* helpful.

At least an EE would know who to ask (maybe this list???) or where to do the research.

I'm a little embarrassed that someone (Zoe Couacaud, a non-tech woman, I presume) asked the list for help and got this attitude.

(What you're all saying is probably true, but this type of response would have me abandoning this resource, which would be bad, if I was in Zoe's situation)

Dan K.

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