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Re: [TCML] Applications of the Tesla transformer

Hey Steve...

Dont know about Erics work but I do some interesting things with my coil. I use mine to see how long it takes to burn holes in 48" flourescent tubes( almost instant), to see if the extra secondary coil in the work shop developes a healthy charge ( which it does, never measured it but its potential), how long a stink bug will last on the primary coil between turns ( about 11 seconds), discover why sand will float around the wires going to the primary coil from the power supply ( polarity and silicon), discover how far a streamer will travel along glass rods( pretty much unlimited), and wonder why an oak tree branch will die if it is contacted by a streamer for 1 minute or more ( still wondering about this). I suppose the most unusual thing that occurs is that the neighbors believe that I'm nuts and strange (Ive been nominated as the mad scientist of the neighborhood), and the police no longer come to the house when I run the coil even though people 3 blocks down hear this strange noise ( ohhh its just Scot running his coil attitude). At Holloween I make Pumpkins spit "lightning bolts".

As far as trying to develope worm holes for time space continuim breaches, I havent figured that out yet...need more power, kilowatts just arent enuf.. :)

At present, Im trying to figure out what Tesla was trying to do as far as the transmitted electrical power applications but from what I have learned and experienced, there is an extreme loss in power transmittal in distance between the "transmitter" and "reciever" coils to make the condition optimal ( seems to follow the same power loss as light in distance) . From what I have accomplished seems dismal, 12 KW in and 5W out with in 50' ( matched secondary and toroid recievers). I can only imagine the further reduction in power received beyond 100'. Must be doing something wrong....not using the proper ground or collection grid... But I do get some awesome visual and audio effects from my coil.... "kinda like" fire works... very stimulating to the sences visual and sound wise.

But this brings on another thought... why are people enticed by fireworks ( visual/sound aspect) why the oohhs and aahhs at the New Years display or the 4th of July? Why are WE enticed by the display of .5 -2 megavolts ripping through the air, hi voltage hi Hz electricity ionizing the atmosphere into bright white and purple nearly fractal forms of river delta formations?

My answer...   cuz its so kewl!!!

whats your answer??

Scot D

Stephen J. Hobley wrote:


I've been reading the list avidly over the last couple of weeks. One thing I've not seen too much of are the applications of the Tesla transformer.
Does anyone do anything interesting and unusual with them?

I've been watching some of the Borderland Science series, and find some of the stuff going on there really fascinating.

Has anyone tried to reproduce Eric Dollard's work?
...and if so, what did you find?



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