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Re: [TCML] Need a NY based electrical expert.

Hey David...

how about us, those who that have tried to get a BS in Mech Eng. and failed at it ( due to several variables calc, dynamics, thermo, etc math deficient types) and still could rebuild a manual and/or an automatic transmission?? ;)~~ and to boot, build a monster coil capable of 10+ foot streamers ( which got me an "A" in that class Electrical Design, scared the hell out of the teacher when I turned it on too)?

Strange how society looks upon those having an education are to believed to be the ones capable of doing the things that are "created" But those who accomplish things are the ones who normally have the "technition" degree or even less...( I must admit though the "designers" did lead the way to a point) but not the BS or the MD or even the PhD, I must admit, give them ( the extemely educated) the credit for being intellegent to a capacity to handle theory, concepts and thoughts beyond the "normal comprehension" of the technical minded... it takes both of our worlds to make things work....thinkers and builders.... the thinker may call for a .0001" tolerance on a design but the builder knows the machine is capable of .0015"... the real world sets the limits...

as I went thru college I learned that there are the thinkers that belive that they can do and the do'ers who believe they can think ( a dichomity at best). But the question remains, do we allow the thinkers to build ( too much theoritcal not enough practical)? Or do we let the builders be given the option to think (pleanty of practical but not enough theoritical)? For an example, in ALL my lab classes, I completed the "mechanical" processes very quickly, to a point as to where the rest of the class was looking to me for explinations as to how to "build" the unit required. ( being a chemistry lab class, materials lab setup etc) as in return I looked to the thinkers to ask of them how or why what process was used to attain the conclusion for the results of the experiment. ( I even went to the extreme and heated up my copper wire with a Bic lighter to change the tension test to screw up the average for the whole class results... why did my wire break so much sooner compare to the rest of the tests??? ;)~~ ) who was thinking then??

Given the popular input from the general "voice" over many situations, thinkers think, there are builders that think, and builders that just follow the instructions.... As many have noticed over the years, people come to this list to learn and think, to learn and build, and many come here for instant answers to their questions expecting an easy answer without having to think through the process of coiling....

Now the big question is where do you belive you and the majority of us "fall" under? A thinker with little application knowledge but a wealth of education in the field, a doer with enough education to accomplish what is needed to create a working coil and is enticed to begin thinking how to improve said coil, or to just build a coil that works??

As for I, I will never be a Terry or a Dr. Res, details to the degree that they go to scare me ;) I like long streamers but by brute force, not by total electrical efficiency....

in retrospct.... I believe alot of us are smart but just smart enough to realize that we arent that smart but we are above average and capable of doing quite a bit but not too smart to hinder ourselves in accomplishing what we want to do....
( does that make sence??  cuz I just cant figure it out for myself... :) )

Rum is a bad thing it makes me think in strange ways.... but it makes me think

Scot D

David Rieben wrote:

That's like letting someone with a masters in mechanical
engineering, who's never held a socket wrench,  ATTEMPT
to rebuild the transmission of the family car. Good luck!!

David Rieben

snipped all the below  dont look for cuz its gone

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