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Re: [TCML] RF Ground and Brass

As I should have stated, I have not personally run my coil without a secondary base connection, and it's not something that would be a good idea to try!  There is a danger in blindly repeating things heard, though I thought I've heard it from multiple sources.  I agree that you would effectively have a bipolar coil.  Perhaps the results may depend upon how close the primary coil is to the secondary base, determining whether or not there would be arcing there.  It does seem a little hard to swallow that disconnecting the base would show NO difference in performance and no extraneous arcing."

	I suspect that those who have run without a deliberate ground [I have] all had the bottom of the secondary connected to the bottom of the primary or the CT and case of the NST!  I'd never think of running a high power coil that way, for safety if for no other reason.


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