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Re: [TCML] RF Ground and Brass

Hi Phil,

I had incredibly hot primary-to-secondary arcing at the base of my 6" SISG coil until I connected the secondary base to earth (via a length of 10ga stranded THHN). At first I thought it was the primary arcing to the secondary, until I realized it was the floating secondary arcing to the primary! Without grounding the base of the secondary somehow, you've got a bipolar coil!

When the secondary arced to the primary, it found it's ground point (or the nearest thing to it). That's not really bipolar. I guess your thinking the fact it arced to the primary in the first place?

I've run without the RF ground and did notice a performance difference on a little 2" coil and no difference on a 4.5" coil. The small coils frequency was effected enough to pull it out of tune, but not so for the larger coil, so it sparked just fine. It did seem a little out of wack, but still gave good spark lengths (and that's when some house equipment died). So, not all coils react the same.

Take care,

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