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Re: [TCML] Experiment to measure effects of RF grounding

Sounds difficult. I can at least say that I've run with and without RF ground. The day I ran without it, is the very moment I killed my sons Xbox360. Certainly some hefty transients found their way back to the house. The only means of doing that were Neutral and Hot (as there was no mains ground at the NST). I think I lost my sound card in my old pc that same incident (and it was just little coil).

Take care,

Lau, Gary wrote:
Well, having just tried it, maybe there is some element of rocket science involved in scoping mains hash.  I have a fancy Tektronix TDS-series digital scope, and a variety of Tek probes.  Even with the shortest probe, with no wires connected to the tip of the probe, and the probe ground clip tied just to the tip of the probe, just running my coil near the scope or probe provides a nice display of the bang events rather than a flat line.  Unless I can get a scope probe to accurately read zero with the input shorted, it would be futile to try to measure line hash.  Comments and suggestions welcome!

I still plan to document any correlation in streamer length to various grounding schemes, but I was hoping to do the hash measurements at the same time.

Regards, Gary Lau
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