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Re: [TCML] top load and photography (tripod grounding)

Glad to hear you tested another gap. Losses in the gap are real and do make a difference.

Take care,

neal@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
I have son, except he got married and moved to LA (I'm in the Chicago area).
Unfortunately my daughter who's still in the neighborhood isn't real fond of
the coils, plus they seem to upset her lizards.
Speaking of coils :) hey Bart, yeah, ok, you were right about the spark gap. I
threw on a multi-gap that I had laying around. Not very pretty and probably
"lossy" (mounted on wood), but even with that I probably had a 50% increase in
length, pushing up to around 3 feet now. I'm going to get more fittings and put
one together that I wouldn't be embarassed to show! Thanks for the gap tip,

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