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Re: [TCML] top load and photography

Hi Matt,

I like #2, that's a fairly decent indication. Regarding this thread, I think I read someone grounding the tripod? That's probably the last thing I would do for the same reasons for not grounding my body. I'm not sure I understood that post correctly as I wasn't paying close attention, but I certainly would not ground the camera or what it's sitting on (or anything near it). We don't want to issue unseen leaders shortening the physical distance between coil and camera. IMHO.

Take care,

Mddeming@xxxxxxx wrote:
Hi All,
As a rough measure, I use two tests: 1) When I'm far enough away that the $2.00 Calculator doesn't go haywire, I'm far enough away to risk the cheap camera. 2) When I'm far enough away to not light a 4-ft fluorescent light held in my hand, I'm far enough away for the good camera. YRMV, Matt D.
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