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RE: [TCML] top load and photography (tripod grounding)


There is still the danger of you acting as an antenna, so that when you
touch the grounded camera the difference in potential between it and you
could be enough to damage the camera.  Wearing a ground strap connected
through a string of a dozen or so 1 meg resistors to ground, or holding onto
the tripod with one hand, would make your body potential be closer to that
of the camera, thus avoiding damaging "tingles".
--Steve Y. 

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That was me. I do it because I was sometimes getting a little tingle when I 
touched the camera when I am standing behind it suggesting the camera is 
above earth potential. I don't want that voltage sparking onto the screen or

eyepiece or plastic on button which could damage the camera.
If you are trying to avoid "unseen leaders" then you are expecting the 
camera to be floating at many thousands of volts. Not safe at all.
Secondly, if there was a camera strike while I was holding the camera (I 
don't get that close), then I would be protected and not the path to ground.
I stand by my decision to earth the tripod.


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