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[TCML] Xray transformer

I have an 3 phase Xray transformer, controller and cooling system. The controller allows me to vary the HV output from 20,000 volts to 60,000 volts in 1,000 volt increments and the current from 10 ma to 200 ma in 1 ma increments.
 1) For a tesla coil is there any advantage in having this capability.
 2) What effect will varing the current do for the output
 3) Does anyone have plans for a coil that could handle this transformer.
 4) What kind of spark length is possible
 5) I live in Thousand Oaks, Ca. would anyone like to do get involved in a joint venture to build a large coil.
 6) What would the estimated cost be for such a coil.

My name is Brian You can contact me by email at EinsteinWizard@xxxxxxxxxxx 
Please put the word 'coil' in the subject line.
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