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Re: [TCML] Re: Stacked Toroids

At 03:24 AM 1/15/08 -0800, you wrote:
What worked well for me is a 5 gallon bucket. I simply
cut the bottom off and placed it between my 6x24 and
my 8x34. I'd like to experiment with raising it more,
but am limited by garage door height. I plan on
covering the bucket with aluminum tape, but currently
have the two toroids connected with copper strap.



So far, the responses have addressed spacing of the toroid stack only.  But
from the way the original question was worded (see below), I believe Phillip
plans to use a metal spacer and that is why he asks about the diameter of
the spacer.  My engineering judgment says the largest diameter metal
cylinder between the two toroids will contribute the most capacitance.
Anyone see a problem with that?

--Steve Y.

Yes, the larger the cylinder the greater it's capacitance contribution. Regardless, it's a very small change in C. If his upper toroid was 20" above the bottom and he used a 16" cylinder between the two, Ctop would only increase by 1pF as compared to not using a cylinder at all. Surprising maybe but true.

I think a cylinder as wide as practical is good. His smaller toroid has an 8" center hold. Throw in a center disc and use it for mounting an 8" cylinder. 8" is likely the largest practical size to use. He could go larger but then he would have to figure out a way to mount the cylinder onto the bottom toroid and that would be difficult (with nothing is gained electrically).

Take care,

I have been walking around all day looking at things, one pint paint cans, one quart paint cans, one gallon paint cans, two & half gallon thinner cans, five gallon thinner cans, .... No I am not a painter...

Javatc doesn't show much change in cylinders adding capacitance, but I have noticed a "glitch" in it in this regard.
can't put my finger on  it yet.

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