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Re: [TCML] Re: Stacked Toroids

Hi Marko,

Glitches with no data to support it? Say it isn't so... ;-) .

To model a can in Javatc, use a cylinder and a disc on top and bottom. With a coil in place, the cans capacitance will be in situ with the coil, ground, etc.. With no coil, the capacitance will be it's height above ground. With no ground plane installed, the can will be the free space capacitance of the can. Three different values. For example, using the demo coil in Javatc and removing the top load, I install an 8" diameter by 8" height can (cylinder and 2 discs to do this).

Can on top of demo coil at 45" height above ground): 11.16pF
Can only and above ground starting at 45" height to bottom of can: 14.12pF
Can only and above ground starting at 10" height to bottom of can: 16.25pF
Can only and without a ground plane: 13.46pF (free space capacitance)

Place this can between 2 toroids and you will see no contribution of the cans capacitance. If the can were tall enough and large enough, then you start to pick up the capacitance. The can serves only as a conductor. You might as well use a wire to connect the 2 toroids and use a simple pvc standoff or some nice looking ceramic standoff.

Demo coil with second toroid 8" higher: 30.52pF
Demo coil with second toroid 8" higher with can between: 30.52pF

Demo coil with second toroid 16" higher: 35.484pF
Demo coil with second toroid 16" higher and 16" tall can between: 35.542pF

As the toroids are separated and as the can grows in surface area and height, finally you start to see a change (but it ain't much!).

If you figure out the glitch, let me know.

Take care,

mark olson wrote:
I have been walking around all day looking at things, one pint paint cans, one quart paint cans, one gallon paint cans, two & half gallon thinner cans, five gallon thinner cans, .... No I am not a painter...

Javatc doesn't show much change in cylinders adding capacitance, but I have noticed a "glitch" in it in this regard.
can't put my finger on  it yet.


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