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Re: [TCML] copper tube stationary gap - was: NST rebuild good

In a message dated 1/12/08 8:12:54 A.M. Eastern Standard Time,  
drieben@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

Hi  Bart,

Thanks for the info. BTW, 1" copper pipe is the largest that
I  can find in my local Home Depot or Lowe's. Did you have 
to go to an actual  old-fashioned hardware store to find the
1 1/2" copper pipe? I know that  larger diameter copper pipe
can be obtained at a plumbing supply but you  mentioned 
getting yours at a hardware store. I still have about a 6 ft.  
length of 1" copper pipe and I hate the idea of having to 
buy more  larger diameter copper pipe at its current price$.
(A 10 ft . length of the  1" stuff at my local Lowe's is now

Hi Dave,
With a little more air flow I believe 1" pipe will do fine. If you need to  
go larger, in this size it usually requires a trip to a real plumbing supply  
store, for drain extensions (18-24") instead of 10' pipe lengths.  If you  
don't mind doing some serious cleaning, you might also try recycling centers  
(junk yards to old-old-timers)  ;^)) Copper drains in 1-1/4" and  1-1/2" were not 
that uncommon before the advent of plastic everything, but  it's messy work. 
Also check commercial demolition areas. Larger buildings used  larger piping.
Hope this helps,
Matt D.

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