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Re: [TCML] Pig upgrade

I thought about the verticle lift range after I posted, and realized it might come up a little short. However, if one is in a situation often enough to need it, it might be worth building a dolly out of 4" X 4"s with heavy duty casters that the hoist could sit on. 4 X 4 (X 1'-ish) blocks could be used in between the two to give you a few more inches of lift, without having a huge (tall) dolly that's taking up a lot of space. This site http://www.handtrucks.com/?source=googleaw&kwid=dolly&tid=Exact might help with some ideas. I was thinking of something along the line of the dollies listed under "best selling dollies", but with the blocks for more lift.


Hi Neal, all,

An engine hoist is exactly what I use. The only
complaint that I have with the engine hoist is that
its verticle lift range is often a bit short to lift a pig
from the bed of my truck with the hoist sitting at
groud level, even when the extension is pulled all
the way out to the lowest weight rated position.
However, I agree with you in that I'm not inclined
to want to start drilling holes in the bed of my truck
and will keep right on using my engine hoist for
moving heavy stuff ;^) BTW, my hoist is a Chinese
made off-brand and only cost me about $150
brand new. It does do the job nicely, though and
has the fold-up leg design for taking up less storage
space. It has proven to be well worth my $150

David Rieben

-------------- Original message -------------- From: "Neal Namowicz" <neal@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi all,
What about an engine hoist? Some local auto parts places will rent or sell them. They're pretty reasonable, and some (the rentals, especially) can be hooked onto a hitch and taken wherever needed. I'm just thinking in terms of
those without pickups, or those who don't want to start drilling holes in
their trucks for something that might not be used very often. Just my 2
cents worth,


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