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RE: [TCML] Arizona Winter Teslathon

Sounds Like blast (pun intended),
Where in Arizona is it? My Niece lives in Phoenix.
Jim Mora,
Ojai Ca.

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Arizona Teslathon 2008 (W.W.T. 2008) 

Happy New Year from the Arizona Tesla Coil Builders! 

After much consideration, the Western Winter Teslathon has been moved to
Saturday, March 1st, 2008. The weather was a major contributor to this
change. We expect much more stable atmospheric conditions at that time. It
will be held at Dr. Hankenstein's new lab located in Black Canyon City,

There will be new and exciting things at the W.W.T. 2008 this year.
Information can be found for the W.W.T. 2008 @
http://www.drspark.org/Teslathon2008.htm ; however, this is a RVSP only

Last Sunday Dr. Spark tried out his new fiber optic couplers with some midi
files through the new Audiotesla Universal Tesla Coil Controller (AKA:
Interrupter). The results can be seen @
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Fg6B9XHvLU  worked very well, indeed! 

Dr. Spark will be auditioning his massive DRSSTC Bipolar Tesla Coil (Largest
in the world) and "Fat Boy"..a 10kva DRSSTC coil using the Universal
Controller enhanced with special effects.

"Mot-Man" Jeff will be bringing his new single 833C VTTC "sword-meister"
coil and many other goodies.

I will bring "Zotzilla" out of a 2 year hibernation, and will be auditioning
my multimode VTTC.

If you have a coil....Bring it!

We hope to see you there!


Arizona Tesla Coil Builders 
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